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How to Use Password lock Luggage Strap ?

Password adjustment method: initial password is 0-0-01. Dial the password to the initial password.2. Press two buttons at both ends (as shown on the right).3. Keep pressing and adjust to the password you need.4. Release the button and set it successfully.Scene: Traveling with this baggage strap is used to prevent the objects in the box from scattering and to ensure the safety of the luggage items on the road. Easy to use, it is a tool that is always available during the travel.

What is Global Shopping Festival?

November 11th is the Global Shopping Festival, where many merchants will sell their products at various discounts.The above products will have a 10% discount on the Global Shopping Festival! ! !

Hair Gripper Hook and Loop Features

Features:1.Keep hair in place when applying face cleaning,facial mask,making up etc.2.Hair dress up ornament/accessories3.Magic tape +pvc+foam4.Easy on easy off, light to wear on, easy to maintain5.Won't break hair6.Functional usage7.Popular hair ornament8.Recycle used and durable.

Elastic Hook and Loop Cable Tie Feature and Usage

Feature and Usage:1) Made of Nylon and rubber,sewing small section magic tape  hook for easier fasten2) Good elasticity ,self-gripping strap, adjustable and infinitely reusable.3) This elastic magic tape  band is a multipurpose products which can using in any function, such as luggage belt, gifts, leather products, furniture, medical equipment, curtains, sports equipment, mp3 wristlet, bellyband, sport protection, trainning.4) Width 16mm to 150mm , length can do as per your request

What are the Advantages of VR Cushion ?

1. Brand new setting pad, easy to wear and take off.2. Breathable sleeve fabric, to avoid heating and sweating.3. It can be swiped and used repeatly, easy to clean.4. Installing perfectly, not to harm the original product.

How to Use Training Mask?

It's easy to wear a training mask. First step: Put the mask right in front of your face, open the mask sleeve with your hands in the meantime.Second: Combine the sleeve straps behind your head.Third: Adjust the position of the ear area, until the mask fit into your face.Fourth: Take a deep breath and check the sealing performance, if you feel the airflow comes out between your face and the mask, then adjust the position again, and tighten the sleeve strap, for better sealing and fitting.

What is anti snore chin strap features and function ?

Features:Comfortable Soft Touch Neoprene MaterialThe Jaw Strap has been clinically proven to prevent snoring and increase REM sleep in patients. Providing you better overall health and the best night sleep in years.Provide the most comfortable and effective anti snore device on the market.Specifications:Material: Neoprene and Latex FreeColour: Blue + BlackCleaning: Hand wash with detergent and warm waterFunction: Works for people that snore with their mouth open. It provides help with Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding, Bruxism & TMJ (Jaw dislocation), Jaw Tremor (Psychotic) Pain by properly positioning your jaw.

What is hook and loop wire fixing stickers features/process technology/instructions?

Hook and Loop Wire Fixing StickersFeatures:1.Strong sticky2.Convenient to use3.High/low temperature resistance4.Waterproof/Tearable5.Easy to remove and cleanProcess technology:High frequency pressing,Hook side and loop side are pressed by ultrasonic technique, the connection point of them is not easily tear apart.Instructions for use:Remove the release paper behind the hook surface and then you can paste it. It is mainly used for finishing and fixing various wires to make life more tidy.

What is hook and loop plastic hair gripper/hair roller and characteristic?

Explanation: The hook and loop plastic hair gripper/magic tape hair roller can be used in beauty salon and fix the hair when making up and washing face. It is convenient, durable, beautiful and colorful with a variety of sizes.Characteristic: 1.thin, soft and neat hook with 3MM length and convenient to use;2.Can be custom to special shape and can fix the hair when washing face and take a bath;3.Can be used in hairdressing and make the hair finalize the design quickly.

Sleeve cuff characteristics

1. Injection cuff hook and loop is made of TPU thermoplastic elastomer material and PVC micro-dropping process. It has strong adhesion, durability. Long-term placement in the mildew environment will not be mildewed, it’s waterproof, and can be opened and closed multiple times with ordinary rough surface. 2. With excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance, color fastness is above 4.5, no fading, EU standard, environmental protection. 3. Highly heat resistant, can still be used at temperatures up to 108 ° C, softening begins at 180 ° C, and begins to melt between 215 ° C and 220 ° C. 4. High temperature and cold resistance, the lower the temperature in the range of -20 ° C to 108 ° C, the stronger the adhesion, but the durability becomes smaller. 5. Acid and alkali resistance, washable and dry cleaning, sweat and oil do not affect the applicable effect. 6. The normal specifications are in stock, ready-made molds, and can be processed and produced according to special specifications. 7. Can be made into any color or custom-made brand LOGO with clothes. 8. Suitable for outdoor apparel, ski wear, sports and leisure equipment.

Ski Straps (Sports Hook and Loop Straps) Features and Uses

Nylon ski straps are made of high quality imported raw materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is one of the new hook and loop products in the sporting goods market in recent years. This product is equipped with environmentally friendly and non-toxic EVA, available in a variety of colors and specifications! When you ski or do other sports, you can protect your sports fun by bundling the legs and arms for protection. It is easy to use, beautiful and practical.

Patching method of ironing

hook and loop patch1. Keep the back side clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to suit the temperature of the clothes according to the method of using the iron. 2. Put the cloth on the appropriate position (do not tear off the glue), go back and forth a few times, usually burn for about 15 seconds. 3. In order to prevent burns, you can put a thin cotton cloth on the cloth (not to be a faded cloth). After ironing, check the edges to see if it is hot, and burn a few times on the edges. 4. It is also necessary to determine the temperature according to the thickness of the cloth. If it is thicker, it must be higher in temperature and longer in ironing. For particularly thick cloth, you can burn it a few times on the back. 5. For cloth with embroidered sequins or metal wires, it should be ironed from the reverse side. After the cloth is fixed firmly, trim the corners from the front to avoid damaging the front sequins or other accessories. 6. The best way is to use a needle thread to sew a few stitches on the side of the cloth after it is hot. This is firmer and very compliant. 7. If there is no iron in the house, you can also sew the cloth directly on the clothes with the same color line.

How to use carpet markers magic tape?

First ,put the magic hook on the carpet. A variety of colors facilitate the difference, you can locate the game, and attach the carpet positioning mark to the carpet. As an interactive teaching tool for color, letter and number recognition, you can also design your own usage. All toys are designed using a multi-angle approach that blends the ideas and perspectives of the baby, the parents and the designer. In addition, the psychologist's point of view is used to emphasize the color and rich form and function of the toy from the actual needs of the baby and the expectations of the parents, in order to achieve the purpose of stimulating the baby's development and stimulating the baby's creativity and imagination. 

What is a carpet markers?

Carpet markers magic tape, also known as carpet markers hook and loop fastener. One side of the hook type, the hook surface is neatly arranged, the angle of the hook is fixed, the chance of the buckle is increased, the suede bristles are even, the broken yarn is not easily broken, the lateral bonding force is firm and the hook surface is strong, and the double-sided bonding can be used up to 10,000 times. More than once, the quality remained stable. The raw materials and dyes used in the products comply with international EU standards. Low toxicity and environmental protection does not contain six toxin quality standards, and has reached the level of similar products. New products can be developed for customers and packaged according to customer requirements. The carpet markers are made of nylon because nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft and strong. It is suitable for use in clothing and toys. It is a very environmentally friendly material that can be reused, washed and durable. Not only that, but also multi-purpose, colorful sitting points help teachers organize different teaching activities, educate preschool children, such as numbers and color perceptions; facilitate teaching, do a little to reduce oral reminders, provide visual cues. Hard bonding: Nylon carpet markers magic tape can be bonded to the carpet without the use of an adhesive.