6 Adjusting Breathing Levels High Altitude Sports Oxygen Training Mask Fitness

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Update Time 2020-08-10
Silicon/nylon fabric/hook and loop etc.
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Using this mask can simulate the state in the plain area of ​​plateau training. In the plateau environment, the air is thin and the oxygen content is low. The blood absorbs oxygen normally in a normal way, and the heartbeat will accelerate.
Training in this situation can enhance vital capacity, membrane muscle, cardiac load intensity, anaerobic threshold and so on.
The role of masks is to limit the amount of air entering the mask and limit the amount of oxygen. Athletes and athletes can wear masks to enhance training intensity and enhance personal strength in all aspects.
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Training fitness mask


1. Adjust breathing level

PVC material, no odor

3. Breathability and

material of the
4. One-time molding technology

5. Provide customized logo, customized packaging

6. Suitable for gym and fitness exercise, exercise vitality