Adhesive hook and loop Fixing Carpet

Time: 2019-11-08
Summary: This article tells us how to use the adhesive hook and loop to fix the carpet.
With the improvement of the quality of life, many people use wood or marble materials. The floor of the material is on the top or a little lame, so many people put a blanket on the door, which not only makes the style of the house. The key is to step on it is the soft and comfortable, which improves the quality of our lives. But the problem is that when we walk on the carpet, the carpet will be driven by us, which will change the original position. Even after a while, the carpet will be easy to roll, wrinkle or slippery. Going, this is good for the average person, but it is fatal to people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially the nitpicking Virgo. Sometimes we would like to use 502 or 101 glue to glue it, isn't it? However, there is a problem that it is difficult to clean these glues on the carpet, and the adhesion between the glue and the carpet is not very good. At that time, not only a lot of glue is wasted but also the carpet and the floor are destroyed, which is not worth the loss.
Solving this problem is actually very simple, the material is. The adhesive hook and loop is made of a high-temperature coating of a nylon hook and loop on the back side of the nylon hook and loop. The product is pressed with the adhesive material when it is used. Simply remove the release from the back of the hook and loop. Oil paper can be attached to all types of smooth and clean objects. It is simple and convenient, and it is feasible to operate. The most important is to save money, beautiful, and will not cause damage to the floor and carpet.
The operation steps are very simple. First of all, what is needed is a carpet that needs to be fixed, followed by a rubberized hook and loop. This adhesive hook and loop is very easy to buy, and can be easily purchased in the home market or online. After the material is ready, find the location where you need to place the carpet. Place the carpet first, then uncover the corner of the carpet. Place the adhesive on the underside of the hook and loop, and then compact it. The surface is fixed on the floor, and the other side of the hook and loop is fixed by a needle thread or a stapler at the corresponding position of the carpet, so that the rubber affix is ​​perfectly combined with a gentle press. The carpet is also fixed in the position we want it to stay.
In the same way, we can fix the other triangles. If we think that only the four corners are still not strong, we can also put a little hook and loop on the four sides, so that we can steadily subdue the naughty carpet.
Another advantage of using the adhesive hook and loop is that the movement of the carpet is also very convenient. When we need to move, we just need to move the hook and loop on the ground to the destination and then attach the carpet.
The use of adhesive hook and loop is still a lot, and it is these insignificant uses that make our lives easier and more convenient.

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