Adhesive hook and loop Self-adhesive Screen

Time: 2019-10-07
Summary: This article focuses on how to use the adhesive hook and loop to make mosquito screens.This not only saves money, but also anti-mosquito.
In the hot summer, I believe that everyone is annoyed by mosquito bites. Although mosquito coils can also repel mosquitoes, the smell of mosquito coils is very strong. I believe many people can't stand it. In fact, in addition to being driven by mosquito coils, there is a simpler and more environmentally friendly. The method is to use the adhesive hook and loop to drive away the mosquitoes.
Adhesive hook and loop is a kind of hook and loop that can be used to make anti-mosquito screens by using the adhesive hook and loop. This not only saves money, but also anti-mosquito, insect-proof, and adhesive hook and loop is economical and affordable. Very good choice!
 Let me teach you how to make anti-mosquito screens yourself.
        First, preparation materials:
1, polyester screen web; 2, thin wire; 3, fixed clip; 4, triangular corner; 5, PVC strip; 6, card slot magnetic strip; 7, adhesive hook and loop; 8, strip.
Second, according to the size of the window to do the frame work:
Once the PVC is cut, the PVC strips are too long and short to make beautiful screens. At this time, as a high PVC strip, it is necessary to through it from top to button.
Third, the web is laid flat on the finished frame, and then the card groove is used to press the yarn to the bottom of the PVC strip. Recommendation is first pushed to the outside and then pressed inside.
Fourth, cut off the excess web outside the frame.
Fifth, install the card. Install the clips at 30% of the top of the frame and press them under the strip.
Sixth, loading screens:
We strongly recommend that the window frame be cleaned first, then the magnetic stripe of the adhesive hook and loop is sucked onto the magnetic strip in the card slot, and then the film on the magnetic strip of the adhesive hook and loop is removed, so that the entire screen can be glued to at the corresponding position of the window frame, finally press the magnetic strip of the adhesive hook and loop.

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