Is the adhesion of the hook and loop easy to fail?

Time: 2019-09-05
Summary: This article focuses on adhesion of the hook and loop easy to fail
Now the use of hook and loop for clothing is very common, but there is a problem, is that the hook and loop's  adhesion is resistant to washing? This is the problem we need to solve. Let's take a look at this issue and understand the precautions for using hook and loop.
Manufacturers will consider this problem when they are in production, so the hook and loop can be washed, but not always when it can be washed. As long as we do the following, washing is no problem.
1. When washing, pay attention to the hook and loop before washing, so as to prevent the hook and loop stickness from failing, avoid corrosive lotion when washing.
2. A powerful pull-up hook and loop that prevents the design from collapsing during movement.
3. Pulling the hook and loop in the left and right direction will cause the hook and loop to break and cause failure.
4. Be sure to remember that the way the hook and loop opens is up and down.
5. The way the sound is small and easy to open! Remember not to tear it around hard, causing the hook and loop to be used improperly. The buyer mistakenly believes that the hook and loop is not durable or is a quality problem.
But even if you do the above, the stickiness of the hook and loop will drop when you wash it. If you want to solve this problem completely, you can use the sewing method. Sewing hook and loop fasteners are a common product in hook and loop. hook and loop is sewn into a hook and loop through a sewing machine. In the field of clothing, this hook and loop is also the most commonly used. To a large extent, the performance of  the garment is improved, and the overall appearance of the garment is more beautiful. The use of the hook and loop garment is mainly to replace the button and the zipper to make the garment more convenient, and it is also an environmentally-friendly textile accessory. And has no harm to human body, and the characteristics of deforming resistance, sunshine resistance and water washing resistance make the hook and loop tape become an indispensable auxiliary material in the clothing.

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