Advantages of the hook and loop fastener

Time: 2019-07-16
Summary: This article introduced advantages of the hook and loop fastener
hook and loop is widely used in our daily life, and can be seen in all filed of life, whether it is ordinary hook and loop fasteners, nylon hook and loop tape, adhesive tape or special hair roller. hook and loop tape and anti-vulcanized adhesive tape are very popular among consumers. These hook and loop fasteners made by the manufacturer are not only beautiful and durable, but also bring convenience and comfort to our lives.
The application and benefits of the hook and loop fastener are so many, what advantages does it have? Next, Li Yao will give you a brief introduction.
1. The cost of the hook and loop fastener is low, which is not only suitable for a large number of manufacturers to develop, produce, but also the price can be accepted by consumers.
2. The hook and loop fastener has long service life and is not easy to be deformed. It has strong tensile strength and excellent ductility, and has a high melting point and is very resistant to temperature.
3. The hook and loop belt has many functions. In addition to the ordinary bonding effect, after special treatment, it has the functions of environmental protection, affinity skin, flame retardant, sulfurization resistance and strong adhesion.
4. The hook and loop fasteners are rich in color and can be kept beautiful for a long time, especially the hook and loop tapes, which can play a strong decorative role, and do not worry about color fading after a long time of use.
5. The various types and functions of the hook and loop fasteners can be popularized in all field of life. The most commonly used ones are clothing, luggage, electronics and other industries. For example, special fasteners such as medicine and aviation are also involved.
6. Environmental protection and material saving. The weaving material of the hook and loop fasteners is made of materials such as nylon which is very environmentally friendly. It is not only very durable, but it does not pollute the environment even if it is incinerated.
The most basic advantage of the hook and loop fastener is that it has strong fastening force, wide application and economical benefits. This advantage has opened up a large market for the hook and loop fastener industry. With the rapid development of the times, the hook and loop fastener industry is constantly breaking through and perfecting, so that the advantages of the hook and loop fasteners are increasing, such as beauty, comfort, and resistance to vulcanization. It is believed that with the support of scientific and technological strength, the manufacturers of adhesive tapes that are constantly striving and innovating must invent new products that are functional and more practical.

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