What is a hot melt film?

Time: 2019-07-13
Summary: This article introduced what is a hot melt film?
The hot melt adhesive film is a film that needs to be heated to have a viscosity, and is divided into one side and double sides. It is often used in fabrics, polymer materials, metal bonding, paper, and the like in daily life. It can be said that many places will be used. But what kind of product is the hot melt film really? Give everyone a science today:
Hot melt adhesive film English: hot melt adhesive membrane code: TPU
Product characteristics: According to the characteristics of use, hot melt adhesive film is divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting. It is subdivided into: EVA film, PES film, PA film, PO film, TPU film.
Its products have the following characteristics:
First easy processability: no solvent, easy processing
The second has a good uniform bond, thickness
The third thickness is 0.1-0.203mm, and the color is translucent/amber
The fourth has good adhesion to many objects.
The fifth can be die cut into precise shapes and sizes for purely manual or automated applications.
Application aspects of the product: mainly used for the bonding of nameplates, plastics, hardware, bonding between metal casings of electronic products, smart cards, chip-type passport layer bonding, and so on. It can bond a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles, etc., and can also achieve good results when bonding on the surface of uneven objects.

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