The advantage of injection hook nylon hook and loop

Time: 2019-07-07
Summary: This article introduced the advantage of injection hook nylon hook and loop
Some small things in life can always play a small role. The hook and loop was first applied to the clothing, replacing the trouble of the button. In retrospect, the old clothes were buttons, and the buttons on the unused clothes were often taken down for continued use, saving money and saving money. Buttons are used for clothes. It is mainly a safety issue for children. It is easy to put a mouth, and the buttons of the second one is more difficult to use. Therefore, the products produced by the fasteners meet the needs of such a product.
With the development of economic living standards, people are increasingly seeking a convenient and simple appearance, and the hook and loop straps are more widely used with ease of operation. Of course, if there is a pursuit, there must be new discoveries. The ordinary hook and loop can no longer satisfy people's requirements. With the principle of hook and loop, the manufacturers have developed new ideas and use thinner plastic handles that are not thorny.  injection molding, retaining the principle of the hook, the thin hook has the viscosity of the ordinary hook, the hand feel is flat, and it is lighter.
The hooks have different heights and sizes, which can meet the needs of different industries. For example, sports products are thicker, baby products are thinner, and electronic products are used according to demand. Of course, the medical industry can also use it without any worry. The emergence of new products is quickly being widely used. The injection hook has a color that ordinary hook and loop can't have----transparent, you can print LOGO on the back, the front can be seen, so many are used in back-to-back straps, the appearance is very beautiful, easy to use and durable.

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