How is hook and loop applied in the aviation field?

Time: 2019-03-01
Summary: How to apply the hook and loop in the aviation field? The paper now introduces the use of the hook and loop in the passenger cabin and the use of the pilot’s aviation equipment or parachute.
The main classification of hook and loop
We believe that everyone must know hook and loop. It mainly divided into two categories, one is the traditional back-to-back hook and loop, and the other is the adhesive hook and loop. With the current production level and the continuous improvement of production technology, hook and loop is no longer limited to the fields related to the traditional textile industry such as clothing, shoes and hats, and has a wide range of applications in some other fields. Nowadays, in more and more industries, hook and loop is also needed, mainly because it is easy to operate, and its price is very low. Even now, there are a lot of hook and loop applications in some air transportation. Let's take a look at what aspects of the hook and loop are used in the air transport field.
Application in the Cabin of the Passenger Aircraft
The first thing to say is the use of adhesive hook and loop in the cabin of the passenger aircraft. This is also the most common and the most used one. Whether it's on the settled fabric of the dining table or on some of the seat covers, you can see the hook and loop. Of course, these applications of clothing are almost the same, mainly for the role of buttons or adhesions.
Pilot's Aviation Equipment or the Use of Parachutes
The second is the application of back-to-back hook and loop on some pilots' aviation equipment or parachutes. Because of their equipment and special reasons, the use of the normal button is often unable to complete the connection and adhesion effect, in this situation you need to have hook and loop to join, after the hook and loop material is applied to these equipment, the adhesion will be stronger, and the integrity of the clothes can be greater. Hook and loop have played a big role in the safety of the equipment used by the pilots.
Technical Summary
Through these two points, I believe that you have some new understanding of the application of hook and loop in the aviation field, and with the continuous improvement of production technology and the continuous application of some new materials, the application of hook and loop is also wider and wider, we believe that in the near future, on the basis of back-to-back hook and loop and adhesive hook and loop, more different kinds of hook and loop will appear in our lives, change some of our traditional lifestyles, make our lives more convenient and faster.

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